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REFLECTION has a number of well-established workshops. Depending on your requirements these workshops can be tailored or merged to create the most appropriate training for your organisation. Our workshops are highly interactive and use adult learning techniques and roleplay for maximum engagement. All our training programmes can be delivered in-house or remotely via Zoom.

  • Enhanced Coaching:
    A workshop to support internal coaches (i.e. anyone who is undertaking a coaching role). It will allow them to share their challenges and brainstorm solutions to those challenges.
  • Connect4Success:
    A unique workshop aimed at anyone who wants to quickly build lasting, effective relationships. It uses the ancient Chinese 5-element system.
  • Presentation Skills/Communicating with Confidence:
    This is ideal for anyone who wants to communicate with impact. It uses a unique blend of presentation techniques and voice coaching.
  • Conflict Resolution:
    To help individuals understand conflict (i.e. the positive and negative aspects) and to learn practical skills and strategies to deal with it effectively.
  • Sales Specific
    A series of workshops to help build confidence and control, improve discovery and qualification and hit your targets (customised to your needs).
  • Personal & Team Effectiveness
    This workshop encompasses goal setting, measuring results and maintaining accountability.
  • Prioritising/Time Management
    ‘Not having enough time’ is the most common reason (or excuse!) for not getting things done. Learn how to set priorities and manage your choices.
  • Effective Facilitation
    Learn how to get the most out of your meetings, from setting the agenda to summarising your action list. Attending internal meetings will no longer be seen as ‘a waste of time’.
The physical and mental well-being of the workforce is a primary concern for most employers. This programme is designed to motivate and encourage your people to focus on their well-being. The result will be a reduction in stress-related absenteeism and an increase in morale and productivity. It is best delivered in five two-hour modules or three half-day modules. A gap of at least one week is recommended between modules.

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